As the 7th Quadrennial Conference of MUSIGA approaches, the term of the administration led by Obour is gradually rapping up as some old executive and also some new aspirants are campaigning to be voted into power. Deborah Freeman, the current General secretary of the union, who has in the past years been working hard in silence for musicians at various levels including MUSIGA and UNIWA is now one of the aspirants vying for the slot of 2nd vice president-a slot for women based on affirmative action clause.
On her campaign tour to the Regions, the principled Deborah Freeman could not ignore the challenges of these Regions. In her address she said, “God’s time is the best-and the time is now, to listen to the cry of His people” .
At the Central Region Deborah Freeman unveiled the signboard which she promised the region few months before the vetting was done. She edged the musicians to be united.

According to the gospel artist there is still more to be done for the regions and will continue to support the Regions in every possible way she can. To her representing the union at UNIWA at the TUC level has given her more experience and links which will help the musicians in every Region. According to her Musiga neglected UNIWA but she made sure it worked and this is the time musicians will benefit from the fruits.
Asking the artist whether she is not doing this to buy their vote she said “They should check my past records/Manifesto. I have the Regions at heart and I won’t wait to become 2nd Vice President before listening to their cry. I won’t make vain promises, besides we act based on the sincere request of our people and because we have them at heart, we deliver. This has nothing to do with MUSIGA politics. Deborah Freeman has in the past years been a cheerful giver, silently meeting the needs of people who truly look up to God for provision. Deborah says” my prayer to God always is that He should touch me, enable me, and use me as a vessel to meet the needs of people who sincerely look up to Him.For Deborah Freeman, puting smiles on the faces of people who sincerely look up to God is her calling which she embraces with all her heart and might.”

She also presented a computer and a printer to the musiga Volta region. According to Deborah Freeman, more is yet to come as God Almighty directs.

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