Ras Caleb Release Manifesto Excerpts

As Musiga Election 2019 approaches, Ras Caleb the reggae  maetro releases excerpts from his manifesto. According to the Ghana Is Calling hit maker his MOTTO is VIBR’ANCY –TAKING GHANAIAN MUSICIANS GLOBAL
The artist said his slogan is “AS IT IS”
Asking the artist what he has for the musicians at large, the reggae star had this to say.

Dear fellows of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), musicians at large as well as everybody.

– My name is RAS CALEB  APPIAH-LEVI, also known as Charlie Buck-Levi and originally known as EMMANUEL OBIRI KWASI APPIAH.

– I am a native of Boso-Gua,  near Anum (Paternal) and Ada-Alata (Maternal)

– I was born on the 26th of June, 1957 and I am the number 14th born of my father’s 17 children.

– I am married, and begotten 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

– I speak English, French, Guan, Akwapim Twi,  and Ga-Adangbe. I am an AFRICAN  and a PANAFRICANIST to core.

– I am a follower of the Christ of the  Rastafarian  Faith, a LEVITE (Deuteronomy 18) and a NAZARITE (Numbers Chapter 6). The BIBLE is my GUIDE and INSPIRATION.

– I am a songwriter, a composer, an arranger,  a singer, a performer and a roots reggae artiste,  broadcaster, a farmer and a rural planner seeking to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of communities living in relatively unpopulated areas rich in natural resources through music for development project agenda.

– I became a member of the MUSICIANS UNION OF GHANA (MUSIGA) in June 1982.

– I am a former member of ALPHA BLONDY  AND SOLAR SYSTEMS (from February 1984 – March 1989), and together with the artiste and band, has toured 77 countries globally, inclusive Ghana.

– I was the MUSIGA Director for Reggae Music from 2011 to 2015.

-Currently, I am the Chairman for MUSIGA Greater-Accra (MGA)

Dear comrades,

In this time of our lives, I stand on the stage today, and before the audience of world opinion, to offer myself to serve as the National President for the Musicians Union of Ghana  (MUSIGA).

My vision and mission is to seek for the welfare of musicians and upgrade the functions of the Upgrade the functions of the Union,  to enhance all core activities for the Union’s membership.

As the President for the Union, it will be my utmost duty to work together  with my  National and Regional Executives to coordinate to coordinate and mobilize members and musicians  in all the regions and districts of Ghana to enhance their welfare, which is tantamount in our agenda to facilitate the implementation of plans and programs of the Union for the benefit of its subsidiaries and membership.

Thank you.

***To be continued…

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