One name which stands tall in  Birmingham, Alabama USA today when it comes to horse riding is Ghanaian born Moses Kofi Gagakuma.
Moses grew up at the Burma Camp Barracks where he learnt how to ride horses whiles at the primary school at the same place.
Growing up kofi had a passion for birds and therefore made several cages to hunt for them. As a result of this he had hundreds of birds whiles he was staying at Zoti  near korlebu Doctors flats. He sold most of his birds to another man called Moses just to make a living. He was termed the best bird hunter in his generation. He also enjoyed climbing tree and jumping from story buildings at his tender age.

His passion for athletics made him one of the best sprinters  his secondary school, Mawuli Secondary school and the Volta region ever produced.
According to the cowboy, he played truancy many times just to be with horses at the Military stables. This made his head teacher at the armed forces school scold him in front of the whole school.

Mo’s Carriages and Trail Rides was founded by Moses Gagakuma.  A life long horse lover since he was 8 years old and grew up next to the military stables in Ghana. He and his brothers had fun with the horses attempting to replicate movie stunts, riding backwards, etc which may have landed in a few bruises as a child, scaring his mother and with his boldness but making a proud father. The horses got to play, do fun rides, and Moses learned to be a great rider and horse caregiver.

Moses came to the U.S for a college track scholarship after an injury that deterred him from running in the Olympics.  From there he met others who shared their passion for horses and he visited a lot of Amish people in Tennessee who were willing to teach him how to drive a carriage.

You’ll see a variety of people with Moses at events. Volunteers, workers, and Moses’ family all sharing a passion for what we do.

We cherish our horses!  They all have different personalities, athletic abilities, foods they like and don’t like, and have their best horse friends.  They each take their turn having vacation time and are transferred out of town to enjoy even more pasture land with no work and all play. We welcome visitors to the stables, as long as we’re open of course!

He is currently provide services for weddings, parties, festivals, private rides, church and family occasions. He also trains people how to ride.
For his services contact him at 1020 old section Rd, Hoover, Alabama 35244. You can also call him on +1205 492 4667

2nd Location: 1600 Quail Ridge Dr., Gardendale, AL 35071

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